Promotion & Publicity

Got your plan all the way together but just need help getting the word out to the masses? ESP is your VIP pass to the “In Crowd.” We have the resources and connections to handle all types of campaigns, and no project is too small or too large. From a simple flier campaign to bio writing, press releases, email blasts, newsletters, and all the way up to print, radio, or television interviews – we can get you front and center in front of your desired demographic. Within this arena, we specialize in getting independent music artists national airplay, mix tape placements, and a customized feedback report including comments from over 200 of the most influential Mixers, Air Personalities, Music Directors, and Program Directors in the US and Canada. From these feedback reports you’ll be able to determine what individuals/regions are positively responding to your music, and which aren’t – thus being able to utilize your promotional budget in the most effect and cost efficient way possible.


"Welcome To Cleveland" Party for Shaquille O'Neal - Galleria @ Erieview - November 2009
“Welcome To Cleveland” Party for Shaquille O’Neal – Galleria @ Erieview – November 2009


Past and current clients include:


Record Labels: Universal, Motown, Rawkus, Scratchpaper Productions, Pandemik Records ,71 North Entertainment

Print Media: Source Magazine, Upscale Magazine, Call N Post

Nightclubs and Concert venues: Cleveland (HOB, Agora, Anatomy, Rumor, Take 5, Liquid, Velvet Dog) NYC (Webster Hall, The Roxy, SOB’s) New Orleans (HOB, Constitution Hall) Miami (Crobar) Atlanta (1150, The Velvet Room, Frequency) Baltimore (Sonar) Chicago (Dragon Room) LA (Le Meridian Hotel – Beverly Hills)

Your Ticket To The "IN" Crowd!