In today’s creative climate, whether an artist succeeds or fails is no longer based strictly on talent alone. These days the difference between stardom and obscurity is more so based on who you know, and how hard you’re willing to work. For this reason, ESP Enterprises currently handles a very small, talented roster of creative individuals in the area of artist management. We have the connects and know how to take you to the next level, but how hard are you really willing to work to get there? To properly manage and guide an artists’ career takes many hours of time, money, and other resources. Only the most talented and hardest working artists will be considered for management services, as we feel this is the next branch of our company to really take off in the next year.


71 North Entertainment's "Big Mucci" (in white) live on air at KISS FM in Augusta, GA
71 North Entertainment’s “Big Mucci” (in white) live on air at KISS FM in Augusta, GA


Some past and current clients include: Big Mucci, Cuntry (WJZE FM – Toledo), Mick Boogie, Garbs Infinite, The 6th Man, Saj Supreme, Clockwork Muzik Group

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